The Mouse Family

Reading the stories of Christmas
It really all started when Mrs Mouse
read the Christmas story to her children.
She recited to them the wonders and miracles
of Christmas. And she told them of a Golden Angel that
she had found tucked away.  She said that the Angel
should sit on the very tippy top of the tree.

Tiny voices singing

Outside, the tiny voices of mouse Children
soared across the night. Bringing joy to
all who heard.

The mice children were helping..

And inside the children were helping
with all the decorations.

The Christmas tree.
But they could only reach so far...

The little stockings for the little mice

Oh dear....oh dear..what to do.

This was a big problem.
The mice were soooo tiny that they
couldn't reach all the way up the tree
with the ornaments.
One of the mice children said
"If I had wings, I could fly to
the very top of the tree and
place the little angel ornament".

Roasting Marshmellows
Just singing away...

The other mice children agreed, but couldn't think
of a way to get wings. And they soon forgot about it.
 They were so busy having fun and
sparkling with Christmas spirit.

Look what I can do!

The mice children, like children everywhere
played their tiny games, and spun dreams
of Christmas magic.

Follow me quickly now....quickly...
Written by Camomile
Copyright © 1999 -2000-2001 by P. Anderson



The music was written especially for these pages
by my hubby.

Christmas Mice

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