A very special award

To all whom this site shall come Greetings
Know ye, that I, confiding in the outstanding

 "Pam Anderson"

 Do as of this date, 15 August, in the year of our Lord
 one thousand nineteen hundred and ninety nine
bestow upon the above named "Patriot" with
great pride for the exceptional display of
"Outstanding Patriotism"
 this Award

POW/MIA Special award

Pam Anderson
 "A Raid On Munich"

 It is with extreme Pride that this award
 is being Presented to the above named
For your Devotion to members of the Armed Forces
and Patriotism to your Country

Presented by:
Robert Collins Jr.

This Award will be presented to only 10 Sites
on a Yearly Basis. It is given at the discretion of
of its originator, or by recomendation of a recipient.
and cannot be applied for...

A very big Thank you to Bob Collins for this
special award.
Please visit his site:
The Canadian POW/MIA information Center
(Gilbert J. Graham chapter)

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